Evening make up


A beauty salon that blends successfully elegance with luxury  and nobility with creativity.

Every woman  knows the importance and role of a professional makeup session. Choose this make up for an important event and you will obtain a harmony between the expressiveness of your face and chosen outfit.  The specialists from Salon Andrei Cocieru will highlight all your strong points and will hide the weak ones. It is a fact: The image you get will give you confidence, passion and a proper attitude that will take you out of the box.

Our advantages

Over 10 years on the market

Over 10 years of success in the beauty industry in the country. Qualified in the field of beauty, cosmetology, styling.

Beauty specialists

The personnel trained at the specialized schools abroad have a vast knowledge and certain skills, thus ensuring perfect quality, safety and confidence.

Quality and professionalism

The internships at the famous hairdressing academy of Patrick Cameron, Georgy Kot, Pivot Point Academy-United Kingdom, “Dolores” -Moscow, Serghei Zverev, contributed to the training and development of Andrei Cocieru Salon.

Convenient location

The salon is found in the center of Chisinau, the place where professionalism and experience meet in a refined, elegant and sumptuous environment.




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